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International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

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The International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE) is a scientific institution, committed to sustainable development and responsible social action, with its teaching, research and transfer activities firmly grounded on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The institute is practice-oriented and as such aims to initiate or support sustainable reform, innovation and transformation processes.

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Virtual Roundtable and Knowledge Sharing Session on Research Practice Collaborations

Research-Practice Collaborations: Roundtable discussed different perspectives on 10th of november

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In the Service of Sustainable Development - IZNE Conference

EHEC 2022

European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2022 in Madrid

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New paper on the improvement of soil health

Subject fields

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Responsible Economy and Natural Resources

The research group draws on extensive methodological knowledge of different disciplines and conducts sustainability-relevant, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects in research, consultancy, education and transfer. The cooperation with all levels and stakeholders, including municipal politics, administration and citizens, is an integral part of the holistic approach.

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Health and Social Protection

Improving access to health and social protection systems worldwide is an essential element of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and an essential requirement for poverty reduction and inclusive growth.  Adopting a global perspective, the section Health and Social Protection seeks to contribute to the development of inclusive health and social protection systems.

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Soils and Biomass

Soils and biomass are inseparably connected with each other via a multitude of material cycles. The loss of fertile soils and thus also of ecologically diverse terrestrial ecosystems worldwide is dramatic. IZNE initiates and coordinates several research projects, which protect soil as a finite resource, applying a holistic approach.

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Sustainable Technologies and Resource Usage

Sustainable technology development seeks technical solutions on technical aspects related to the energy and mobility sectors to improve people's living conditions in line with the UN SDGs without having negative environmental or social consequences. At the same time, it must be ensured that technical solutions also work when the environment and society change.

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KLUGER TRANSFER - Climate - Environment - Health - Transfer

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Vernetztes Rainland

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NELIPRO – Next Level Lightweight Production

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INTERFACES - Supporting Pathways to Sustainable Land Management in Africa

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'ONE HEALTH' II - Metropolregionen ganzheitlich begreifen



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