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Centre for Ethics and Responsibility (ZEV)

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The Centre for Ethics and Responsibility (ZEV) brings together public figures, employees and students of the university to discuss and work on future and responsibility-related topics and central issues of ethics, science and society. Key focuses are centered around matters of socio-ecological and digital transformation. Using different formats, the ZEV offers opportunities to engage with current realities of life in an up-to-date and responsible manner.
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About the ZEV

Studium Verantwortung

Study programme Responsibility

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Forum Responsibility

Personen aus dem ZEV Direktorium und Team 09-22


News from the ZEV

Herr Conrad, Herr Scobel, Frau Dohm, Herr von Weizsäcker auf der Konferenz Ethik der Transformation

Wie gelingt der Wandel? Bericht zur Konferenz "Ethik der Transformation"

Wann bin ich krank? Prof. Dr. Dirk Lanzerath und Prof. Gert Scobel im Gespräch

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lanzerath und Prof. Gert Scobel: "Wann bin ich krank?"

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