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Start-up Development (MBA)

Content and Perspectives

There is an entrepreneur in each and every one of us - founding can be learned.
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Content and perspectives

You will learn how to master tools from a broad range of fields within management and how to make a financially sound assessment of your business idea, work with it, refine it and put it into practice. You will also gain a firm grasp of the different aspects and specific attributes of the systems involved in founding a start-up, use interdisciplinary analyses to critically reflect on your business idea and adjust your concept where required.

Core element

The core element of the course is the Gründungs- und Innovationsprojekt (Start-up and Innovation Project) module,which runs alongside the programme and builds on the knowledge gained in semesters one to four. This project-based module is designed to help students expand and apply the knowledge of the latest scientific information acquired during their studies within their own, individual start-up project. The project, which combines both theory and practice, covers the entire start-up process from start to finish.

Universities see themselves as places of transformation where processes of change are initiated and driven forward. The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences sees itself as responsible for enabling young people, through research and applied science, to recognise and understand higher-level aspects of their study content and to act in awareness of their own responsibility. The discourse on the future direction of technical and social development is essential here.

The dimensions of sustainability anchored in the modules provide impulses to evaluate, use and sustainably design development processes and products with regard to ecological, social and economic developments. This should enable students to identify problems at different levels, as well as to reflect on the scope of their actions today and to make decisions that in turn form the basis for future generations. In particular, the sustainability approach should be taken into account in the development and elaboration of their own start-up or innovation project.

As the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, we also see the Start-up Development degree programme as a regional responsibility to promote start-ups and innovations from the region. After all, promoting start-ups means promoting the future.


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Christine Haake

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Renate van Beek

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