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President's Office

Präsidium der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, September 2022
The Presidential Board consists of the President, the Chancellor and four Vice-Presidents. The President is responsible for managing the university and representing it in public. In addition to the elected members, the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Head of the Communications and Marketing Unit and the Head of the President's Office are represented on the Presidential Board as permanent guests. The Executive Board meets once a week. The extended Presidium, which includes the deans of the departments, meets once a month.

President and Chancellor

ihne_hartmut_portraet_20170315_foto_c._belzer_teasercut_0821.jpg (DE)

The President

Angela Fischer_2019 (DE)

Chancellor's Office

Vice Presidents

Marco Winzker

Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education

Remi Maier-Rigaud

Vice President for Research and Young Academics

bode-juergen_vp-int_2018-05-16_foto_eva_tritschler_4327_hochformat.jpg (DE)

Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity

Michaela Wirtz

Vice President for Regional Development and Innovation

Advisors/Personal Aides

Angelika Stabenow(DE)

Angelika Stabenow, personal advisor for the President/Head of the office of the President

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Nadine Wietbrock, personal advisor to the Chancellor

Katja Kluth sta 20151006  (DE)

Katja Kluth, personal advisor to the Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education

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Sylvia Müller, personal advisor to the Vice Presidents for Research and for Transfer

Portraet Verena Mechau.jpg (DE)

Verena Mechau, personal advisor to the Vice Presidents for Research and for Transfer

sarahfriedrichs_profilbild-klein.jpg (DE)

Sarah Friedrichs, Head of Diversity Management/Senior Expert for Diversity and International Affairs to the Vice-President


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Commissioner School Liaison

Teaser Placeholder

Präsidialbeauftragter Digitale Hochschule

Teaser Placeholder

Präsidialbeauftragte Diversität

Teaser Placeholder

Präsidialbeauftragte für digitale Internationalisierung der Lehre

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​ Presidential Commissioner for Cooperation with Non-University Research Institutions

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Präsidialbeauftragte für Hochschul-Didaktik

The University Development Plan 3 of H-BRS (2021-25)

The University Development Plan 3 of H-BRS


Angelika Stabenow(DE)

Angelika Stabenow

Advisor for the President, Head of office of the President


Sankt Augustin


E 223.2


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin