Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education (VP1)

Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


+49 2241 865 731

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On weekdays: According to prior agreement.


In-depth professional knowledge and the ability to work methodically remain essential to having a successful career. The challenge for the teaching staff lies in conveying this knowledge in such a way that it is firmly embedded in students' minds and can be recalled, whilst at the same time ensuring through practical teaching methods that what is learned can also be applied appropriately and that it does not merely stand alone as a remote theoretical superstructure without relevance to practice.

The students need to be able to develop an ability for networked thinking, to make connections and be ready for lifelong learning. Whilst they are still studying we need to prepare them to cooperate constructively with very different people.

The role of the vice presidents is to create the right conditions for this; this means supporting the departments in developing the range of courses, promoting continuing training in didactics, enabling new methods of teaching and learning that will prepare students to the best possible extent for the challenges they will face in future, and also working towards forms of examination that appropriately map the skills and expertise that they will need. 

In addition to didactics, shaping good teaching actually also includes the physical space, the learning environment and virtual learning spaces. In this regard there is close cooperation with the library, which is a physical and virtual learning space in one. For the further development of teaching and didactics, there is close cooperation with the Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation.