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Department of Computer Science

International Computer Scientist Certificate

The certificate "International Computer Scientist“ is a qualification for prospective computer science graduates that can be acquired additionally to the regular study program. Complementing the preparation and follow-up of a stay abroad, the certificate provides a special incentive for students. Important intercultural competences and language skills can be obtained during the studies to improve the opportunity of getting a job abroad or working for an international company.
Requirements for the acquisition of the certificate

The certificate is open to all bachelor and master level students of the Department of Computer Science at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. Three out of four possible components will have to be completed to acquire the certificate. The certificate can also be obtained by students of partner universities if the component accomplishments are equivalent to those of the H-BRS students.


The following four components can be chosen:

A - International experience: an internship or semester abroad.

B - Academic foreign language experience: successful participation in a lecture taught in a foreign language and in a foreign language course (all languages except the mother tongue and the main language of the courses at the home university), each for one semester.

C - Intercultural experience: participation in an intercultural communication or culture course and in addition optionally in a Language Tandem or in the Study Buddy Program, each for one semester.

D - International non-university experience: active participation in an international conference, for example as a helper or by presenting a paper, or in an international extracurricular company excursion.

Teaser Placeholder

Regarding eligible conferences or excursions for the component D "International non-university experience" the Team International Affairs of the department will be glad to assist. In any case, the International Affairs Representative or the Team International Affairs of the department should be consulted in advance regarding the recognition of a conference or excursion. Further information on the “International Computer Scientist” certificate and on the required deliverables can be obtained from the certificate regulations.



It is recommended to register to the certificate program beforehand to ensure that all planned component accomplishments will be recognized and lead to the acquisition of the certificate.

The application for the certificate should be submitted to the Team International Affairs of the department at the latest with the end of the studies. The International Affairs Representative of the department decides on the accomplishment of the required components and the issuance of the certificate.

The Team International Affairs will be glad to give advice in case of questions on the certificate program.