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Department of Natural Sciences

Chemistry with Materials Science (BSc)

Studiengang Chemie mit Materialwissenschaften
Our bachelor's degree in Chemistry with Materials Science (BSc) combines research-oriented study of chemistry with technology- and application-oriented materials engineering. You learn and study in the Applied Sciences field in an inspiring work environment, with the latest work methods and using state of the art techniques and analysis equipment.

Programme content

The Chemistry with Materials Science degree (BSc) offers a fundamental qualification with a broad spectrum of methods in the field of MINT. It includes lectures, exercises, practical laboratory training and excursions. Our students are introduced to current work and analysis methods during their course of study, using state of the art equipment such as scanning electron microscopes, chromatography devices, mass spectrometers, X-ray fluorescence and diffractometry systems or atom spectrometers.

Studiengang Chemie mit Materialwissensschaften

The period of study is 6 semesters, and includes a 3-month practical phase. This serves as an opportunity to build in a practical way on the academic skills obtained and enables students to develop contacts with industry and research institutions. By choosing suitable compulsory elective subjects, students have the opportunity to focus on their interests, abilities and chosen careers as appropriate. The broad range of compulsory elective subjects is supplemented by events from fields such as business studies, management, the law and work safety.

There is also the option of deepening your knowledge or gaining an additional qualification with a certificate in “Sustainability in Chemistry and Materials Science” with selected topic areas such as environment, climate, renewable raw materials and sustainability strategies "Blaue Schiene".


Studiengang Chemie mit Materialwissenschaften

Building on the bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with Materials Science (BSc), the University offers the master's programme Analytical Chemistry and Quality Assurance (MSc) and Materials Science and Sustainability Methods (MSc).

Studiengang Chemie mit Materialwissenschaften

Perspectives and job prospects

The bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with Materials Science (BSc) offers graduates a wide range of career opportunities. By combining chemistry as a basic science, application orientation in materials science and the teaching of analysis methods, the course responds to the needs of both business and science. Our graduates are highly sought-after as specialists in the interface between chemistry, materials science and analytics.

There are opportunities for employment in numerous areas in the chemical industry and in chemical-related sectors, such as the metal and plastics processing industry, pharmaceutical chemistry, the food industry and environmental technology, as well as in research institutions, administrative bodies and public authorities.

Typical areas of activity are production and product optimisation, finishing and processing, application technology, applied research and development and quality and product control, as well as marketing and controlling or quality, environment and project management.

Language knowledge required

All teaching is conducted in German.


We offer our Chemistry with Materials Science bachelor’s degree (BSc) on our  Sankt Augustin Campus. The Sankt Augustin Campus is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and easy to reach by car or public transport from Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf or Koblenz. Study and research with us on our modern campus in an outstanding learning environment.


Bachelor's degree

Standard period of study

6 semesters

Language skills




Start of course

Winter semester

Semester contribution


“Allgemeine Hochschulreife” or “Fachhochschulreife” higher-level secondary school-leaving qualification or a qualification that is officially regarded as being of an equivalent level.


Deadline for the winter term online enrolment: 4 Octobre.

Language skills



Re-accredited by ASIIN until September 2023