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Multiple papers by the Autonomous Systems Group accepted at ICRA 2023

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Friday 20 January 2023

Posted on 20.01.2023

We are happy to share that multiple papers from our group have been accepted at ICRA 2023:

  • Desiana Nurchalifah, Sebastian Blumenthal, Luigi Lo Iacono, and Nico Hochgeschwender, "Analysing the Safety and Security of a UV-C Disinfection Robot"
  • Sven Schneider, Nico Hochgeschwender, and Herman Bruyninckx, "Domain-specific languages for kinematic chains and their solver algorithms: lessons learned for composable models"
  • Heruka Andradi, Sebastian Blumenthal, Erwin Prassler, and Paul G. Plöger, "LiDAR-based indoor localization with optimal particle filters using surface normal constraints"