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Institute for IT-Service (ITS)

WLAN usage at the H-BRS

The interdepartmental W-Lan systems H-BRS and eduroam can be used on the university campuses. Furthermore, you can also use bib-access in the library rooms.
wlan-hbrs.png (DE)

H-BRS (encrypted)
Allows members of the university to securely access the Internet using personal credentials. With H-BRS, university members can access the library's electronic offerings (e-books, databases, e-journals et cetera).

User names for employees and students of the departments.

Student "Frank Mustermann" serves as an example; the user name is composed of the first letter of the first name, the first five letters of the last name, a department code (1-6) and the letter "s" for students and "m" for employees and a domain suffix.

Economy Sankt Augustin: FMuste1s
Economy Rheinbach: FMuste4s
Computer Science: FMuste2s
EMT: FMuste3s
Applied Natural Sciences: FMuste5s
Social Policy and Social Security: FMuste6s

User names for employees of the administration, the presidium and the institutes

As password students use the access data for their e-mail account and employees the password of their university access.


eduroam_Logo.png (DE)

With Education Roaming (eduroam), members of participating universities can access the Internet at the locations of all participating universities.

With eduroam, university members can NOT access the electronic offerings of the H-BRS library (e-books, databases, e-journals et cetera).

Access credentials for employees can be requested through DIAS.

Students please use their email account username to register for eduroam and also:

The following instructions are for Apple devices and PCs. Further down you will find extra instructions for Android devices.

As an example we use student "Frank Mustermann" from the department of economics. His username consists of the first letter of his first name, the first five letters of his last name, a department code (1-5) and the letter "s":

Password: student university email password.

If you are using an Android device, please follow the instructions.

Wlan (Bib-Access)3 (DE)

The library offers network connections and a powerful 5 GHz WLAN called Bib-Access at both library locations.

Login data

Login data for students of the H-BRS:
Department code + MIA password

Login data for employees of H-BRS:

(Initial registration on MIA self-service required).
Library number + MIA password

Please refer to the instructions on the "Technology in the Library" page:

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