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Doctorate for alumnus Christof Hammer

Promotion von Alumnus Christof Hammer

Thursday 10 August 2023

Christof Hammer, H-BRS alumnus, successfully defends his doctoral thesis on "A Hard- and Software System for Improving Automation in Metal Oxide Gassensor Production and Reliable Operation as Compact and Mobile Multi-Sensor Array".
Promotion von Alumnus Christof Hammer
f.l. : Luc Claesen, Roos Peeters, Norbert Jung, Christof Hammer, Ronald Thoelen, Ward de Ceuninck, Patrick Wagner, Torsten Wagner, Peter Kaul

On 05 July 2023, Christof Hammer successfully defended his doctoral thesis at Hasselt University, Diepenbeck Campus, Belgium.

The jury consisted of 8 professors from Belgium (University of Hasselt, University of Leuwen) and Germany (H-BRS and FH-Aachen) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ronald Thoelen, who is also Dean of the "Faculty of Engineering Technology".

(Jury members: Prof. Dr. Roos Peeters (chairperson), Prof. Dr. Ronald Thoelen (first assessor), Prof. Dr. Luc Claesen and Prof. Dr. Ward de Ceuninck from Hasselt University and Prof. Dr. Patrick Wagner from Leuwen University, Prof. Dr. Torsten Wagner from FH-Aachen as well as Prof. Dr. Norbert Jung (second assessor) and Prof. Dr. Peter Kaul from Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences).

Hammer completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the H-BRS, followed by his Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialisation in "Embedded Systems". He worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Security Research (ISF) and then moved to the DLR Institute for Terrestrial Infrastructure Protection as a group leader for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Promotion von Alumnus Christof Hammer
f.l.: Prof. Dr. Norbert Jung, Christof Hammer, Prof. Dr. Peter Kaul