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Graduate Institute

User Agreement for PhD students

The Graduate Institute of the H-BRS has developed a user agreement for doctoral students at the beginning of the year 2021.

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It serves the purpose of enabling doctoral candidates at the H-BRS to use individual H-BRS facilities to the extent necessary for the doctoral project. This can be, for example, access to the laboratory, a workstation, transponders for rooms, etc. The user agreement clarifies e.g. questions of liability. However, the H-BRS is not only concerned with legal security for both sides, but also with the visibility of the research being conducted at the H-BRS. For this reason, in the future, personal pages of former employees whose doctorates have not yet been completed can remain visible on the GI pages.

A prerequisite for the conclusion of the user agreement is that the doctoral candidate is a member of the Graduate Institute of the H-BRS.

You would like to sign a user agreement with our institute in order to finish your doctorate with more "service"? Then please contact us by phone or e-mail at .