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Exemption from mobility tickets and social contributions

Tuition Fees
In general it is not possible to get a mobility ticket (VRS- and NRW-ticket) if you are on a leave of absence.

However, in some exceptional cases, you may apply for a mobility ticket even though you are on a leave. Those reasons are: a semester abroad ( if it is recognized by your department as a practical term) or a practical term/practical training (if this is part of the curriculum) outside of NRW and if you will be more than 4 weeks away from the study place. Please note: you have to apply for the ticket with the request for leave of absence.

If you are more than 4 weeks away from your study place and outside of NRW, you will be exempted from the mobility ticket upon application without being on a leave of absence if one of the following reasons applies:

  • semester abroad (if recognized as practical term)
  • practical term or
  • practical training.

The semester abroad, practical term or practical training must be part of the curriculum. You are required to submit a corresponding certificate from the foreign institution respectively a certificate from the domestic training institution for the practical term or practical training.

In the event of a leave of absence due to voluntary service, studies abroad or illness, you will additionally be exempt from the social contribution for “Studierendenwerk” Bonn.

On the right under "related documents" you will find an overview of all possibilities for exemption from the mobility ticket as well as the social contribution for “Studierendenwerk” Bonn and the requests.

All applications must be submitted in time within the re-registration period for the respective semester. If the fact of an absence of more than 4 weeks from the place of study outside of  NRW is only known after the re-registration period, the application for exemption from the mobility ticket and the application for reimbursement can still be submitted until the beginning of the lecture period!

If you have already paid the complete semester contribution and submit the request for reimbursement of the mobility ticket make sure to always hand in your student ID card to the Registrar’s Office. They have to check the card and delete the VRS validation imprint. If you have any questions about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office.