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Students learn about H-BRS stem cell research


Friday 10 March 2023

Around 50 high school students from the region gained an insight into stem cell research at the H-BRS on Friday. The working group "Molecular Genetics and Stem Cell Research" under the direction of Professor Edda Tobiasch informed the pupils about the work as a scientist and about studying at the university. In addition, they were able to conduct their own first experiments in the laboratory.

"We want to give the students an understanding of stem cell research and get them excited about studying at the university. In addition, they get an insight into how we work in the lab and how much time individual experiments take. From TV shows, where research results are often available within seconds, many have the wrong idea," says Patrick Babczyk, PhD student and research assistant at H-BRS.

UniStem Day 2023 im Video

H-BRS / Pascal Kimmich

The event is part of the "UniStem Day". The European day of action on stem cell research has been held annually in March since 2008. This is the fifth time that H-BRS has participated in the event, which is organized in North Rhine-Westphalia by the Stammzellnetzwerk.NRW. In Germany alone, scientific institutions opened their doors in 15 cities this year. In NRW, events took place at 17 different institutes.


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