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„Do I have the skills to start my own business?” – If you want to find out, you can use the Entrepreneur Check to test your personality for entrepreneurial characteristics. The results will help you to assess yourself better as a founder.
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As part of the Strategic Initiative "Entrepreneurship" of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the Entrepreneur Check (EC) was developed to provide entrepreneurs with a scientifically sound and practical tool and to support them in their start-up activities.

The evaluation of the test can be called up directly, and you will receive recommendations for action and further information. If necessary, we will be happy to discuss the results together in a personal meeting or as part of the start-up consultation.

The Entrepreneur Check is free of charge for students and members of the H-BRS!


The online tool offers entrepreneurs feedback from two perspectives: the first module includes a personality test; the second module focuses on health-related behaviour.

The "Personality" module

This module provides feedback on characteristics such as persistence, self-control, resilience, innovativeness and willingness to take risks.

The "Health" module

It deals with topics such as nutrition and stress as well as sports activities and recreation.

A PIN is required to access the Entrepreneur Check. Interested persons should therefore contact Alina Gerke to obtain the relevant access data.

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