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Zhanlu Ma-Högemeier (DE)

Dr. Zhanlu Ma-Högemeier

Koordination Hochschulpartnerschaften China/Digitale Internationalisierung am Fachbereich Angewandte Naturwissenschaften


International Office




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von-Liebig-Str. 20

53359, Rheinbach


Pachernegg S, Joshi I, Muth-Köhne E, Pahl S, Münster Y, Terhag J, Karus M, Werner M, Ma-Högemeier ZL, Körber C, Grunwald T, Faissner A, Wiese S, Hollmann M

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Exercise can rescue recognition memory impairment in a model with reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

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Functional complementation of Glra1spd-ot, a glycine receptor subunit mutant, by independently expressed C-terminal domains.

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