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Department of Computer Science

Profile Bachelor Computer Science

The goal of the Bachelor Degree Programme is to provide students with a solid methodological foundation using a systematic approach, as well as to convey the ability to think precisely and use quality-oriented work techniques in a scientifically founded, practical course of education. This will enable them to work productively in the planning, implementation, and application of information technologies. The degree programme offers the chance to develop lifelong skills in learning to solve new problems and dealing with new systems constructively.

In addition to general and specific knowledge of concepts and methods, communicative, social, and interdisciplinary skills are conveyed so that our graduates are capable of working in solving problems with the aid of information and communications technologies in nearly any field of application.

Degree: After successfully completing the course of studies, the internationally recognized professional degree Bachelor of Science is awarded.

Begin of studies: The course of studies may only be started in the winter semester.

Accreditation: The Bachelor Programme is accredited by ASIIN.