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You want to make your own podcast? Yes? PODCASTING – TALKING TEXTS

Podcast Talking Texts

Monday 11 September 2023

This course is about how to make a podcast. You will be working in teams of two and will record a 10-minute episode.

In online as well as analogous sessions and workshops, you will learn about:


  • the structure of a podcast
  • preproduction: planning; writing the script and concept of a podcast
  • production: recording of an audio-file; how and which hardware and software to use
  • postproduction: cutting and editing of the audio-files
  • oral communication and pronunciation


The result will be a podcast consisting of several episodes, which will be made available via all common podcast services at the end of the semester. You do not need much equipment or in-depth knowledge to produce a podcast. That is what this course is all about.

Please note: This course is in English. To join, your English should be B2+ or higher.


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Bernadette Lieder

M.A., Lecturer in English, Coordinator of the English programme ( Bsc. Sustainable Social Policy)


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