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Communications and Marketing

H-BRS and Social Media

Social media gives companies, organisations and universities the opportunity to communicate directly with their respective target audiences.
Die H_BRS ist in einer Vielzahl von Social-Media-Netzwerken aktiv. (DE)

These days, networks such as Facebook, Xing and Twitter connect millions of people directly with one another. People all over the world use photo sharing and video platforms like YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest to share emotions and impressions.

For these reasons, social media is ideally suited to portraying the diversity of university life. Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, hashtag #H_BRS, is leveraging the evolution of the internet into a space for sharing and its varied possibilities to engage in direct dialogue with students, prospective students, employees and alumni in particular.

The Communications and Marketing executive department alone operates channels on all relevant social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Xing and LinkedIn). Facilities, research institutes, university-related bodies and institutions as well as student bodies have other profiles, pages and groups on the networks. Employees and students alike are active on social media in a private capacity.

The task of setting up and operating social media profiles for all central areas within the university generally falls to the Communications and Marketing executive department. It advises and supports sections and departments on social media matters. In doing so, the department takes into account the university's central social media strategies at all times.

You can find the university's social media team here (channels alphabetically from F for Facebook to Y for YouTube):