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E-Learning at H-BRS

About the e-learning team

E-Learning Team
As the university’s e-learning team, we design and support an innovative, forward-looking teaching and learning culture. We use the opportunities of digitization and networking to promote the idea of the open "Blended Learning University". Personal and individual support is particularly important to us.

The e-learning team is divided into four main areas in order to cover all aspects of a digitally agile university. As a team, we support students, teachers and employees of the university in all questions of digital learning and teaching - from short-term emergencies to large-scale creative projects. Learn more about our diverse work in this video.

Media didactics and department support

With didactic counseling and training we support our students and teachers in a digital university environment. Our central LEA support will help you with all questions about our learning platform, from login to course design. Our department advisors will be happy to assist you with e-learning projects in your department.

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In addition to providing technical equipment, the videoLAB team offers you individual advice on conceptual, audiovisual and didactic aspects of your video projects. With high-end technology and the wide-ranging expertise of the team, even more complex productions can be planned and realized.

Network and exchange

Networking and the exchange of experience with other teachers is important for successful teaching Are you interested in best practice examples from (digital) teaching or tips on using certain tools? The network team regularly invites you to internal and external events that, in addition to new inspiration, also enable you to exchange ideas beyond the faculty and university.

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The e-assessment team offers multiple assessment platforms and digital examination tools that allow you to administer assessments electronically, as well as integrate surveys and quizzes into your lectures.

We are involved in these funded projects

Platzhalter Grafik A blau dunkel

Digital assessment in the SKILLS project

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Platzhalter Grafik A blau dunkel

Training program TiDA

Discover the diversity of the e-learning team

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Digital Teaching Compass

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E-Teacher Certificate Program

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E-Tutor Certificate Program

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Equipment rental